The following links provide access to over 200 citations and abstracts of research publications authored or co-authored by researchers affiliated with the Center for the Integrated Study of the Human Dimensions of Global Change (CIS-HDGC) over the last four years, as well as related work by colleagues.

* Some of the papers are available as Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf) which can be downloaded and printed. All of the papers are included in an EndNote library, which can also be downloaded.

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The papers on this website are working drafts, and so may be in preprint rather than final form. While comments are most welcome, they should not be cited without the author's permission. The published document is the version intended by the author(s) unless explicitly indicated otherwise. All rights reserved.

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Shardul Agrawala
D. Ariely
Lawrence Axelrod
Christian Azar
K. P. Capaldo
David Cash
Elizabeth A Casman
N. Cavanagh
Peter Cebon
Rinku Roy-Chowdhury
Luis Cifuentes
William Clark
James Corbett
R. Cowan
Urs Dahinden
Hadi Dowlatabadi
Alex Farrell
R. J. Fernandez
Baruch Fischhoff
Keith Florig
Wendy Franz
Shane Frederick
Jacqueline Geoghegan
Alix I. Gitelman
Dean Graetz
C. K. Hsee
J. L. Jaffrezo
Sheila Jasanoff
K. Jenni
Sharon Jones
Jayant R. Kalagnanam
Milind Kandlikar
Terry J. Keating
David Keith
Tomas M. Koontz
D. C. Kovacs
H. D. Kuhns
Lester Lave
George Loewenstein
Marybeth Long
Aziz A. Lookman
Natesan Mahasenan
Timothy McDaniels
W. B. Meyer
Clark Miller
John Miller
Benoit Morel
Granger Morgan
Susanne Moser
Thomas M. Parris
Anthony Patt
Anand Patwardhan
G. Ramachandran
D. Read
James Reynolds
James Risbey
Edward Rubin
Ambuj Sagar
Stephen Schneider
Simon Shackley
Elena Shevliakova
Mitchell Small
Janet Stocks
Neil Strachan
M. Strahilevitz
Guodong Sun
Daniel Teitelbaum
Richard Tol
W. Trousdale
Billie Turner
Stacy Vandeveer
Chandra Venkataraman
Ned Welch
Jason James West
Xiaolin Xi
David Yates
Sonia Yeh
Gary Yohe

Not all publications by these authors have been entered into the HDGC database. Papers are listed alphabetically by title.

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