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Technology, Energy and Pollution in India
V.S. Arunachalam (CMU, Member of Advisory panel CMU-HDGC), Rahul Tongia (CMU), Milind Kandlikar (CMU), Anand Patwardhan (IIT-Bombay)

Urban air quality issues in India.
Milind Kandlikar (CMU), Gurumurthy Ramachandran (Minnesota)

A systematic study of monsoon variability in India's agricultural system
Milind Kandlikar (CMU), James Risbey (CMU), Anand Patwardhan (IIT-Bombay), David Yates (Colorado), Ken Strzepek (Colorado)

Project on Policy Analysis of Motorized Transportation/Air Pollution Issues in New Delhi, India
Madhav Badami (UBC), Tim McDaniels (UBC)

Tropical cyclones
Anand Patwardhan, IIT-Bombay

Rainfall variability
Anand Patwardhan, IIT- Bombay

Agricultural system vulnerability
Anand Patwardhan, IIT- Bombay

Industrial ecology & environmental management / policy
Anand Patwardhan, IIT- Bombay

Climate Change and National Planning
Anand Patwardhan, IIT- Bombay