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Technology, Energy and Pollution in India
V.S. Arunachalam (CMU, Member of Advisory panel CMU-HDGC), Rahul Tongia (CMU), Milind Kandlikar (CMU), Anand Patwardhan (IIT-Bombay)

Adoption of energy technologies: the energy efficiency paradox
Neil Strachan (CMU), Hadi Dowlatabadi (CMU)

Representation of endogenous technical change
Hadi Dowlatabadi (CMU), Matthew Oravetz

Enhancing development and diffusion of environmentally-friendly energy supply technologies in China
Xiaolin Xi, Associate Professor, Assistant Director of the Center, EPP Ph.D.; Qian Du, Associate Professor; Junfeng Li, Professor, Director of the Center for Renewable Energy Development; Zhengmin Zhang, Professor; Lan Xue, Professor, Deputy Director of the Institute, EPP Ph.D.; Zulin Shi, Associate Professor, Director of Development Research Division