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Click on the name of each project to retrieve a short description of the research. Click on researchers' names to retrieve their personal biographies and more information on their research.


Ship Emissions Assessment (SEA)
James J. Corbett (CMU), Paul S. Fischbeck (CMU), Spyros Pandis (CMU)

Tools for analysis of non-marginal change
Hadi Dowlatabadi (CMU)

Tradable Emissions Allowance Instruments for the Control of Air Pollution and Climate Change
Alex Farrell (CMU), Hadi Dowlatabadi (CMU), Scott Farrow (CMU), Benoit Morel (CMU)

Meeting Multiple Targets Simultaneously - co-reductions for air pollution and global climate change
Alex Farrell (CMU), J. Jason West (MIT)

Global Change Science & Decision Making: Linking International, National, and Local Institutions
Alex Farrell (CMU), David Cash (Harvard), Suzanne Moser (Harvard)

Monitoring greenhouse gas and aerosol emissions inventories.
David Keith (CMU)

Project on Policy Analysis of Motorized Transportation/Air Pollution Issues in New Delhi, India
Madhav Badami (UBC), Tim McDaniels (UBC)

Innovation in Environmental Technology: The Influence of Government Action on Invention in Sulfur Dioxide Control Technologies
Margaret Taylor (CMU), David Hounshell (CMU), Ed Rubin (CMU)