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Representation of endogenous technical change
Hadi Dowlatabadi (CMU), Matthew Oravetz

Understanding innovation and impacts of regulation
Hadi Dowlatabadi (CMU), Dan Teitelbaum

Social adaptation compared to private adaptation: sea level rise and climate change
Hadi Dowlatabadi (CMU), Gary Yohe

Socio-economic change: factors affecting human vulnerability to global change
Hadi Dowlatabadi (CMU)

Exploration of different metrics for policy evaluation
Hadi Dowlatabadi (CMU)

Revealed Willingness-to-pay for Reduction of Air Pollution Risks in Urban China
Guodong Sun (CMU), H. Keith Florig (CMU)

Discounting, Time preference, and Identity
Shane Frederick

Alternate measures of social discount rates.
Shane Frederick, Baruch Fischhoff (CMU), George Loewenstein

Economic cost of sea level rise
Gary W. Yohe (Wesleyan), Hadi Dowlatabadi (CMU), Jason West (MIT), Richard Warrick, Richard Klein, Richard Tol (CMU/Vrije Universiteit), Samuel Fankhauser, Baruch Fischhoff (CMU)