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Dear Friend,

Compliments of the day.

I write you with great expectation of your kind consideration, hence I have addressed you as a Friend because I am humbly asking for your friendship and seeking your confidentiality on my contact with you. In our world of today, such a manner of approach may not be acceptable or very suspicious, but I  urge you to take this email to you very seriously, and consider the immense benefit it will be of to you.

I am an Angolan, and I was a highly placed a member of UNITA (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola) as Financial Director and Treasurer from 1998 until the death Jonas Malheiro Savimbi in February last year. You may not be conversant with the situation in my country. Briefly put, UNITA and MPLA have battled for Angola for three decades. You may read a summary of this on http://www.ecn.org/communitas/en/en108.html  

I am presently in Europe on for political asylum. I have sole access to a huge amount of money which was under my control in my capacity as Financial Director of UNITA. For security reasons I cannot disclose my identity and location or mention the amount of money. 

I now wish to invest the funds immediately in secured projects like Properties or other viable ventures, and I am hoping you will be a trustworthy and reliable person to handle this for me as a partner. I have been here for only a little time, and I do not have the permit to conduct business. Also the need to be discreet in having investments set up in my name has necessitated the need for me to seek for your help in this regard. You will be entitled to a very significant part of the funds if you render me your most needed assistance.

I earnestly await your response to my proposal so that I can intimate you on details. In case you are not inclined to render me your assistance, I will understand, and please accept my apology if I have infringed on your privacy. However, please endeavour to respond to me, so that I may make alternative arrangements for a partner.

I wish you and your family all the best.

Your prospective friend.